Shade of Galenwe

  • Triangles


  • Vertices


  • Dimensions (with wing banners)

    X 1.08 mY 2.52 mZ 0.95 m

  • Dimensions (without wing banners)

    X 1.08 mY 2.25 mZ 0.46 m

Galenwe is an Altmer and member of the Order of the Welkynars, the Gryphon Knights of Summerset. When the Sea Sload sorceress Z'Maja captured the city of Cloudrest, he, along with two other Welkynars, Relequen and Siroria, was enslaved by her Daedric magic and turned into a shadow thrall. The Shade of Galenwe is an optional boss in the Cloudrest trial.

ShouldersWelkynar Pauldrons
ChestWelkynar Cuirass
HandsWelkynar Gauntlets
WaistWelkynar Girdle
LegsWelkynar Greaves
FeetWelkynar Sabatons
FrenchOmbre de Galenwe
GermanSchatten von Galenwe
RussianТень Галенве


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