Eveli Sharp-Arrow (Blackwood Chapter)

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    X 0.97 mY 2.25 mZ 0.38 m

Eveli Sharp-Arrow is a Bosmer adventurer who was hired to retrieve a mysterious book from the Black Drake Villa for Farrul Lupus, the former steward of Emperor Leovic. When she found out other mercenaries were after the book as well, she decided to investigate and discovered a plot to kill several former members of the Imperial Elder Council. Trying to prevent that from happening, Eveli arrived to Blackwood, informed Councilor Lovidicus of the plot and cooperated with him to continue her investigation.

CostumeEveli’s Adventuring Leathers
FrenchEveli Flèche-vive
GermanEveli Scharfpfeil
RussianЭвели Острая Стрела


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