Martus Tullius

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  • Dimensions

    X 1.04 mY 2.24 mZ 0.60 m

Martus Tullius is an Imperial Battlemage from Battlespire. He was sent by his superiors to investigate the magical energies radiating from the Dread Cellar but his squad was ambushed by the Waking Flame cultists, and the only survivors were him and Lucilla Caprenia. Martus will try to recruit you to assist him with his mission in exchange for turning a blind eye to any scavenging in the Dread Cellar.

ShouldersHouse Hexos Pauldrons
ChestHouse Hexos Robe
HandsHouse Hexos Gauntlets
WaistHouse Hexos Girdle
FeetHouse Hexos Sabatons
FrenchMartus Tullius
GermanMartus Tullius
RussianМарт Туллий


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