High Kinlord Rilis (Altmer)

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    X 1.04 mY 2.23 mZ 0.48 m

High Kinlord Rilis was an Altmer hero who went mad in his thirst for power and was bound in the Banished Cells for dealings with Daedra. During the Planemeld, he managed to escape the imprisonment and took control over his former prison with an army of Daedra.

This model is used for the Altmer form of High Kinlord Rilis in the Banished Cells I.

HeadDaedric Hat
ShouldersDaedric Pauldrons
ChestDaedric Cuirass
HandsDaedric Gauntlets
WaistDaedric Girdle
LegsDaedric Greaves
FeetDaedric Sabatons
FrenchHaut patriarche Rilis
GermanSippenhochfürst Rilis
RussianВерховный кинлорд Рилис


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