Rogerain the Sly

  • Triangles


  • Vertices


  • Dimensions

    X 1.04 mY 2.25 mZ 0.44 m

Rogerain the Sly is a Breton Knight of the Silver Rose. When the Knights started using Daedric relics kept in their stronghold of Red Petal Bastion for their own benefit, he fell under the influence of Sheogorath and went mad. Rogerain serves as the first boss of the Red Petal Bastion group dungeon.

ShouldersSilver Rose Epaulet
ChestSilver Rose Jerkin
HandsSilver Rose Gloves
WaistSilver Rose Sash
LegsSilver Rose Breeches
FeetSilver Rose Shoes
FrenchRogerain le Rusé
GermanRogerain der Durchtriebene
RussianРожерен Хитрец


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