Eliam Merick

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    X 1.03 mY 2.24 mZ 0.46 m

Eliam Merick is a Breton Knight of the Silver Rose. When the Knights started using Daedric relics kept in their stronghold of Red Petal Bastion for their own benefit, he was granted the Groundsplitters, enchanted boots that increase the strength of their wearer, by Prior Thierric Sarazen. Eliam acts as the second boss of the Red Petal Bastion group dungeon along with two other Artifact Bearers, Ihudir and Liramindrel.

ShouldersPrior Thierric Shoulder
ChestSilver Rose Cuirass
HandsSilver Rose Gauntlets
WaistSilver Rose Girdle
LegsSilver Rose Greaves
FeetAncient Daedric Sabatons
FrenchEliam Merick
GermanEliam Merick
RussianЭльям Мерик


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