Valkynaz Nokvroz

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    X 1.07 mY 2.27 mZ 0.51 m

Valkynaz Nokvroz is a high-ranking Dremora in service to Mehrunes Dagon. He is the commander of the Ardent Hope fortress in the Deadlands, a position he attained after putting a curse on Arox the Mutilator, his former superior and the previous commander of the citadel.

This model is used for Valkynaz Nokvroz during most of the Deadlands DLC main story quests.

ShouldersAnnihilarch’s Chosen Pauldrons
ChestAnnihilarch’s Chosen Cuirass
HandsAnnihilarch’s Chosen Gauntlets
WaistAnnihilarch’s Chosen Girdle
LegsAnnihilarch’s Chosen Greaves
FeetAnnihilarch’s Chosen Sabatons
FrenchValkynaz Nokvroz
GermanValkynaz Nokvroz
RussianВалкиназ Ноквроз


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