Captain Tsuzo

  • Triangles


  • Vertices


  • Dimensions (with tail)

    X 1.04 mY 2.24 mZ 1.41 m

  • Dimensions (without tail)

    X 1.04 mY 2.24 mZ 0.54 m

Captain Tsuzo is an Argonian captain in the Ebonheart Pact navy. He was tasked with delivering an important cargo to High Isle in time for peace talks between the alliances engaged in the Three Banners War, but his ship crashed in a storm. The cargo was lost, and he himself was captured by the Ascendant Order.

ShouldersEbonheart Pact Arm Cops
ChestEbonheart Pact Jack
WaistEbonheart Pact Belt
LegsEbonheart Pact Guards
FeetEbonheart Pact Boots
FrenchCapitaine Tsuzo
GermanKapitän Tsuzo
SpanishCapitán Tsuzo
RussianКапитан Цузо