Orryn the Black

  • Triangles


  • Vertices


  • Dimensions

    X 1.05 mY 2.23 mZ 0.68 m

Orryn the Black is a Nord necromancer and the leader of the Blackmarrow Cult. He and his followers have recently traveled to Fang Lair where they found the skeleton of the dragon Thurvokun, which Orryn managed to reanimate. Orryn and Thurvokun act as the last boss in the Fang Lair group dungeon with Orryn manipulating the dragon's skeleton at first and then merging with it later in the fight.

ShouldersFang Lair Pauldrons
ChestFang Lair Robe
HandsFang Lair Gauntlets
WaistFang Lair Girdle
FeetFang Lair Sabatons
FrenchOrryn le Noir
GermanOrryn der Schwarze
RussianОррин Черный


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