Bastian Hallix

  • Triangles


  • Vertices


  • Dimensions

    X 1.03 mY 2.24 mZ 0.45 m

Bastian Hallix is an Imperial mage who works for the Silvelle family from Daggerfall. His errands often consist of keeping Quistley, the firstborn son of Lord Silvelle, out of trouble, something that Bastian doesn't enjoy at all. Still, he stays loyal to the Silvelles as he feels indebted to them for taking him in and raising him after his parents died.

ShouldersAncestral Breton Arm Cops
ChestAncestral Breton Jack
HandsAncestral Breton Bracers
WaistAncestral Breton Belt
LegsAncestral Breton Guards
FeetAncestral Breton Boots
FrenchBastian Hallix
GermanBastian Hallix
RussianБастиан Галликс


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