Mirri Elendis

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  • Dimensions

    X 0.96 mY 2.25 mZ 0.45 m

Mirri Elendis is a Dunmer adventurer and expert on all things Daedric. Despite her young age, she has made a reputation for herself in Morrowind and is often hired to join expeditions into Daedric ruins. Her main interest of research are the Anticipations and their relation to the Tribunal.

ShouldersTrue-Sworn Epaulets
ChestTrue-Sworn Jerkin
HandsTrue-Sworn Gloves
WaistTrue-Sworn Sash
LegsTrue-Sworn Breeches
FeetTrue-Sworn Shoes
FrenchMirri Elendis
GermanMirri Elendis
RussianМирри Элендис
Japanese ミッリ・エレンディス


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