Bone Colossus

Bone Colossi are large aggressive undead creatures made from bones. While most Bone Colossi are elite difficulty enemies, smaller and weaker versions can be summoned by Bonelords to assist them in battle.


This model is used for generic Bone Colossi and for the following unique ones:

  • Aki-Kahz, Bringer of Dust
  • Amoncrul
  • Balreth
  • The Bonemonger
  • Cernunnon
  • The Charnel Cage
  • Child of Bones
  • Death's Head
  • Death's Leviathan
  • The Ebon Lord
  • Galthis
  • Garggeel
  • Gravelord
  • Grivier's Monstrosity
  • Guardian Construct
  • Guardian of the Vault
  • Ilambris Amalgam
  • The Lastblood
  • Matriarch Rathila
  • Onkal the Harbinger
  • Oskana
  • Sadal
  • The Silent Colossus
  • Skeletal Destroyer
  • Skull Reaper
  • Uluzzur
  • Vessel of Worms
  • Zumog Phoom
FrenchColosse squelette
RussianКостяной колосс


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