Garnag gro-Dragol

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    X 1.05 mY 2.24 mZ 0.52 m

Garnag gro-Dragol was the son of the chief of a Skyrim Orc stronghold, orphaned when the stronghold collapsed to infighting soon after his birth. He was adopted by a childless Nord family and raised as any good Nord, just a little greener than most. After his father died fighting the Akaviri, Gar set out to protect his homeland against all invaders. He is determined to fight for Skyrim and prove to everyone - including himself - that Orcs aren't just beasts... that an Orc can be born with the heart of a Nord...

ShouldersBloodforge Arm Cops
ChestBloodforge Cuirass
HandsBloodforge Bracers
WaistBloodforge Girdle
LegsBloodforge Greaves
FeetSwordthane Shoes