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Lloyrin is a son of a House Dunmer man and an Ashlander woman. His father's parents greatly disapproved of their son's marriage and when he died shortly after the birth of Lloyrin, they threw his wife and child into the streets.

Lloyrin's mother tried to go back to her tribe but they wouldn't have her either and she was forced to live as a beggar, doing odd jobs to provide for her son. Years of hardship took a toll on her health and she died when Lloyrin was 14.

Left with no family and no one to guide him, Lloyrin threw in with street thieves and skooma addicts but for the first time in his life he got lucky when an old man he unsuccessfully tried to pickpocket didn't report him to the guard but instead took pity on the boy and took him in.

The man was a low rank Redoran army officer and he taught Lloyrin how to fight. Lloyrin joined the army as well and served for a few years, even taking part in the famous battle against the Kamali invaders at Vivec's Antlers.

Unfortunately, Lloyrin' adoptive father was killed in the battle, and Lloyrin decided to quit the army. He worked as a mercenary travelling all over mainland Morrowind until one day he met a Dunmer woman named Vila in the Ebony Flask inn in Ebonheart. He fell in love with her and they traveled together for some time.

Vila told Lloyrin she was part of a group of Mephala worshipers and invited him to join them. Having heard a lot about the Good Daedra from his Ashlander mother, Lloyrin always revered them and decided to try and serve the Spinner in hopes of finding a greater purpose in life.

To Lloyrin's dismay, Vila turned out to be a member of the Spider Cult whose members were equally infamous for ruthless murders and wild orgies. Heartbroken and disgusted with Vila after having realized she only pretended to care for him in order to seduce him and make him join the Cult, Lloyrin barely escaped the cultists and had to flee to Vvardenfell to save his life.  

ShouldersTsaesci Epaulets
ChestAshlander Jack
HandsBarbaric Gloves
WaistOutlaw Girdle
LegsAshlander Guards
FeetOrc Shoes 3


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