Waking Flame DLC Future Crown Store Items

UPDATE: Several new banners for the items that previously had placeholder images have been added to the game files with the release of the Flames of Ambition DLC on live servers. You can now see them in this post below.

The new additions are furnishings, houses, M'aiq the Liar as a houseguest, Maniacal Jester weapons and personality, and the Waking Flame DLC Collector's Bundle.

You can also take a closer look at the models of the mount and pet included in the Waking Flame Collector's Bundle: Silver Rose Senche-Serval, Ironclad Senche-Serval Kitten.

ORIGINAL: The Update 7.1.0 and the Waking Flame DLC are out now on The Elder Scrolls Online public test server. As always, the PTS update adds banners for a lot of future Crown Store items and the next Crown Crate season (Grim Harlequin Crates), which we will take a look at in this ESO datamine showcase.

Unfortunately, this time there are much more placeholders than usual. The whole Housing and Furniture categories only have placeholder images, and there are some placeholders in other categories as well (for Maniacal Jester weapon styles, Maniacal Jester personality, M'aiq the Liar as a houseguest and the Waking Flame DLC Collector's Bundle). All these items will be showcased later when their actual banners are added to the game files. 

The Pets and Mounts categories are as varied as ever though, including the most likely Grim Harlequin Radiant Apex Mounts: Dark Delirium Senche, Infernal Trickster Death Hound and Ram of Dark Delights.

Other new items include more of the usual Adornments, Body and Head Markings, Costumes, Outfit Styles, Emotes, Mementos and Skins.

One of the more interesting additions is arguably the Shadowsilk Goblin polymorph. Of course, there's already a free and easily obtainable base game item that basically functions as a Goblin polymorph but this new version seems to have a different look and a separate female version.

Finally there's also a new hairstyle, the Adoring Stand, which is obviously a reference to the Adoring Fan character from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Be sure to also check the Blackwood Chapter Crown Store datamine from April if you haven't seen it yet as some of the items datamined back then still haven't been released.

If you want to discuss this datamine with other ESO players, you can join the ESO Model Viewer Discord server.

Keep in mind that these pictures were found in the game files and the items pictured are not officially confirmed. As such, they might change significantly on release or might never be released at all.