Update 39 Future Crown Store Items

ESO Update 39 Datamine

Here is a showcase of all the new Crown Store items that have been added to The Elder Scrolls Online with the release of the Update 39 on the Public Test Server.

This time we are getting a full preview of the Buoyant Armiger Crown Crates, which means that the previously datamined All-Maker Crates should be available in Q4 and the newly added Mages Guild Crates in Q1 2024. The Buoyant Armiger Radiant Apex mounts will likely be the Harrowstorm Destrier, Necrom Armiger Senche and Spellscar Quasigriff.

Other notable mounts include the Halloween-themed Hollowjack Indrik, which might be available during the Witches Festival this year, a new Vvardvark mount, the Ashmourning Vvardvark, and a new multi-rider mount, the Hew's Bane Pillion Palfrey.

The pets category has a couple of unique and interesting additions as well. The Half-Hatched Guarling is sort of a "walking egg" as most of its body is covered by an eggshell while the Abyssal Bunny might simultaneously be the cutest and most terrifying creature ever added to ESO.

Of course, we have a lot of other usual items such as adornments, costumes, hats, markings, emotes and furnishings. There are two new houses as well (Kelesan'ruhn and Shadow Queen's Labyrinth), both of which should be currently available for testing on PTS.

A somewhat rarer addition is a new hairstyle, the Coiled Bob.

There are also quite a few new houseguests, including Alchemy and Scruut.

The new outfit styles in this update are Necrom Armiger and Vinedusk Assassin as well as the Anvil of Zenithar, Apocrypha Expedition and Crowborne arms packs. Both the armor and the weapons in the Necrom Armiger style will most likely be in the Buoyant Armiger Crates. 

Finally, there are three new skins (Harvestleaf Lacquer, Preening Peacock and Spellscar Sheathe) and one new polymorph, the Harrowing Reaper. It appears that the Spellscar Sheathe skin will be bundled with 20 or 25 Buoyant Armiger Crates.

This is it for the Update 39 datamine, but do not forget to also check out the previous one from the Necrom Chapter as not all the items datamined back then have been released yet.

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Keep in mind that these pictures were found in the game files and the items pictured are not officially confirmed. As such, they might change significantly on release or might never be released at all.