Update 43 Future Crown Store Items

ESO Update 43 Datamine

UPDATE: The Luminous Ink image that was previously featured in this article has officially been confirmed to not be a planned Crown Store item but a Daily Login Reward.

ORIGINAL: Update 43 for The Elder Scrolls Online has been released on PTS today. Besides the new housing features, it adds many new Crown Store items to the game files. Here is a look at all of them.

As previously datamined, the new Crown Crate season this time is called "Dark Brotherhood." It is themed, of course, after the eponymous guild of Sithis and Night Mother-worshipping assassins. These Dark Brotherhood Crates will likely be available from late September to late December. Their Radiant Apex mounts could be the Ardor's Devotion Senche-raht, Hollowsoul Steed and Reaper's End Quasigriff.

Some other notable mounts in this update are the Hircine-themed Bloodmoon Wolf, the Shoal Bear and two jousting horses (Grand Joust Destrier and Jouster's Charger) that were first datamined a long time ago and now seem to be finally getting released soon.

We are also getting several non-combat pets, including the pet version of the Bloodmoon Wolf, the Chaosball Cohort and a new squirrel pet, the Markarth Squirrel.

Of course, there are also new adornments, body and head markings, customized actions, emotes and furnishings. Two new houses have been added as well: the Haven of the Five Companions and the Seabloom Villa.

The update also adds quite a lot of new outfit styles: Aldmeri Eagle Knight, Dark Executioner, Reclaimed Soul, Sentinel Regal Guard, Eltheric Revenant, Guild's Eye and Whispers of Sithis. The latter three are weapon-only styles, although it is possible that the armor pieces at least for the Eltheric Revenant might be available through non-Store means, such as event rewards.

There are also three new skins (Ardor's Devotion, Black Sacrament Skincarving, Woebringer) and two new polymorphs (Minotaur, Reaper's End Scarecrow Spectre).

This is it for the Update 43 datamine, but consider also checking out the previous one from the Gold Road Chapter as not all the items datamined back then have been released yet.

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Keep in mind that these pictures were found in the game files and the items pictured are not officially confirmed. As such, they might change significantly on release or might never be released at all.