Lost Depths DLC Future Crown Store Items

UPDATE: Banners for the items that previously had placeholders have been added with the Update 8.1.1 and are now uploaded to this post:

  • Furniture: Music Box - Deeproot Dirge, Statue - Bendu Olo, Statuette - Kynareth of the Winds
  • Mounts: Forge Master's Charger, Ossified Rime Wolf, Reefstrider Ornaug, Warmaiden's Wolf

ORIGINAL: The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths DLC and Update 8.1.0 are out on PTS now. As always, this new update adds banners for new Crown Store items, which might be released on live servers in the future.

It seems that the previously datamined Stonelore Crown Crate season has been pushed to Q4, and we will get the Wraithtide Crates in Q3 instead with the eponymous Wraithtide Mounts as the Apex tier rewards. The banners for the Radiant Apex Mounts from these Crates do not seem to be in the files yet.

The highlight of this update is probably the Draping Locks, aka "Veya Hair", a hairstyle that has been in the game for years and used on multiple NPCs (most notably on Veya Releth from the Morrowind Chapter, hence the name) but has been so far unavailable to players despite being widely requested by many. Note, however, that a datamined Crown Store banner does not guarantee that this hairstyle will definitely get released anytime soon or ever so manage your expectations accordingly.

Other notable new items include three new Skins (Brineglow, Magmaheart, Shallowbay Nereid), two Polymorphs (Boneman, Shade) and several new Outfit Styles, including the Kargaeda Arms Pack.

There are also new Adornments, Emotes, Costumes, Hats, Body and Head Markings, Furnishings, Mounts, Non-Combat Pets and three Houseguests, including Clan Mother Tadali, an Alfiq who was featured in the story of the Dragonhold DLC.

Be sure to also take a look at the previous datamine post from the High Isle Chapter if you missed it as some of the items that were datamined back then haven't been released yet.

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Keep in mind that these pictures were found in the game files and the items pictured are not officially confirmed. As such, they might change significantly on release or might never be released at all.