Markarth DLC Future Crown Store Items

Here's the ESO Datamine (September 2020) from the Update 6.2.0 on PTS (Markarth DLC). It features future Crown Store items and the next Crown Crate season - Potentate Crown Crates.

As usual, there are a few Adornments, Body and Head Markings, Costumes, Outfit Styles, Mounts, Pets, a couple of Houses, some Furniture and a bit of other stuff as well. Including what seem to be the Potentate Crown Crates Radiant Apex Mounts: Potentate Aphotic Wolf, Potentate Cloudracer Courser and Potentate Halcyon Senche.

You can take a closer look at the base untextured Potentate Mounts models here.

There is also a new skin called Red Diamond Guardian, which will most likely be in the Crates, and three new Houseguests, two of whom are actually existing quest NPCs: Adusa-daro, a Khajiit vampire from House Ravenwatch, and Prince Irnskar, the son of Jorunn the Skald-King, the leader of the Ebonheart Pact.

The Alliance War Skill Line Scrolls might be a Crown Store equivalent of the Alliance War Skill Boosters announced in the Update 6.2.0 PTS patch notes, which are craftable consumables that increase the rate at which you advance your Alliance War Skill Lines by 50%, 100%, or 150%.

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Keep in mind that these pictures were found in the game files and the items pictured are not officially confirmed. As such, they might change significantly on release or might never be released at all.